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Pig Cottage, West Sussex

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Lovingly named after the owner's family dog, ‘Pig Cottage’ is located just a 15-minute walk from the historic centre of Chichester.

The path leading to the property winds its way through a carefully designed English cottage garden, boasting a stunning display of fragrant lavender and roses.

Once through the front door you’ll find yourself in the bright, open plan living area with a modern country aesthetic. A large rustic dining table with seating for six, sits below a lofty ceiling, with views of all aspects of the pretty garden.

The cosy sitting room, with gas fire and plush sofas, is ideal for snuggling up and getting stuck into a book or film. This timeless Grade II listed cottage has a thoughtful, homely interior, brimming with warmth and personality.

Along the hallway is an extremely well-equipped kitchen, featuring a rangemaster cooker, and all the kitchen aids and tools you could possibly need to rustle up a family dinner, or perhaps a picnic for a sunny visit to the beach.

Upstairs, there are three stylish bedrooms, which comfortably accommodate four adults and two children. The master has a blissful, cloud-like king size bed with views of the garden, the second bedroom is a bijou double, and the third, tucked away beneath the eaves on the floor above, features a zip and link king size bed. The property has an immaculate family bathroom on the first floor and a useful downstairs cloakroom.

It wouldn’t feel right to neglect the four-legged members of the family, so Pig Cottage happily welcomes two well-behaved dogs.

The small but perfectly formed garden is just the spot for a pre-dinner chilled glass of rosé or for dining al fresco. Take advantage of the abundance of fresh, local produce on offer at nearby farm shops and treat yourself to an indulgent barbecue.

Situated equidistantly from the glorious sandy coastline of the Witterings, and the rolling hills of the South Downs, Pig Cottage is a dreamy location for this summer’s family getaway.

*The loft room, found in the eaves (with some restricted head room), is accessed by a steep, staggered staircase and is not suitable for children under the age of 10, or those with mobility issues.

Facilities & features

  • BBQ
  • Walled courtyard garden
  • Family friendly
  • Pet friendly
  • Historic city centre location
  • Outdoor dining
  • Gas fire
  • Well equipped kitchen

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Floor plan



Pig Cottage is hidden away, just a 15-minute walk from the historic centre of Chichester. You'll be spoilt for choice with a vast array of independent retailers and eateries. The blissful, golden sand dunes of the blue flagged West Wittering beach are within an easy 20-minute drive and, with the rolling hills of South Downs also on your doorstep, Pig Cottage makes a fantastic base for the Goodwood events calendar.

Owner recommendations

Where to eat and drink

Common Grounds is a lovely dog-friendly independent coffee shop in the centre of Chichester, just a 10-minute walk from Pig Cottage.

Head to the countryside for a drink in the picturesque garden at The Fox Goes free, found at the bottom of the hill up at Goodwood. It's a short drive away, of around 10 minutes.

Purchases restaurant is independent, within easy walking distance, right in the middle of Chichester, has a great wine list and a super outside dining space.

What to do in the local area

If you've brought the family dog along for the holiday, either wander into town and enjoy Oaklands Park, a great open greenspace right outside Chichester's Festival Theatre, or meander along Chichester's canal. If you're feeling energetic you can walk all the way to the marina.

Cycling from Pig Cottage off road all the way to West Wittering beach is a must. Take the Salterns Way out of town, past the Chichester Marina and on to the beach. It is well signposted and allows you to avoid the traffic.


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