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It's good to be different

An insight to what makes Luxury Boltholes that extra bit special for your next vacation getaway.

When I decided to launch Luxury Boltholes I had a clear vision. What I wanted to achieve might be described as an ideal marriage...let me explain.

I have stayed in numerous, beautiful holiday homes at the premium end of the market but always felt something was missing. Once we had arrived at our holiday home, we were often left to our own devices in terms of things to see and do.

The cottages, seaside retreats and apartments were all beautiful, but for the money we were paying, it seemed as if something extra really should be offered.

In simple terms, it was a luxury home but only very occasionally, a luxury experience. Where were the thoughtful extras or well-judged touches that made the visitor feel truly welcome and immediately spoilt, from the moment they put their bags down?

As a result, Luxury Boltholes has been designed to ‘marry’ the best properties with an experience that offers our guests something far more in tune with their surroundings. We’ve thought carefully about what this means and also what we would hope for.

In addition to this, as a gift from us to say thank you, you’ll find a bottle of locally-made Nyetimber Classic Cuvee and some gorgeous Bramley goodies.

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