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The morning’s hush: slow ways to start your day

This time of year has its own pace, and it's one we can all embrace. As our natural world goes into semi-hibernation, we humans also step things down a gear.

Space to rest and relax

This slow shift becomes far easier when we're on holiday or taking a break – when we give ourselves permission to officially relax. In summertime, it's too tempting to stack our days full of activities. But in a life well balanced, there must also be rest. As autumn slides into winter, calm descends. The coast and countryside are quieter, beaches are clear, and the social bustle of Christmas is yet to come.

When you're away from it all, every morning feels full of promise; a day ready to be well spent. So, how could you spend it? Here, we've gathered some of our favourite suggestions for a slow morning in and around Chichester: the best ways to enjoy that gentle hush that 'the quiet season' heralds.

Get breakfast at a bakery

Getting up with nowhere you have to go opens up a world of possibilities for where you could go. Strolling down the street to a lovely local bakery is one simple but wonderful option. Unset your alarm, wake naturally and potter around, before heading out to get some breakfast.

Often, it's the smell of a bakery that reaches you first – the warm scent of fresh bread and sweet pastries that beckons you in. And, with a whole morning at your disposal, why not answer the call? There are plenty of local bakeries to choose from, but we love the evocatively named Serendipitous Bakery in St Pancras, Chichester. With a focus on sourdough bakes, including a sourdough almond croissant loaf and apple and blueberry swirls, there’s a slow, considered ethos that you can taste in every bite. Where you go from there, well set up for the day, is entirely up to you.

Galleries and museums often feel like quiet spaces, where we can think, gaze and contemplate, without the need for chatter. And as a pause in our busy, always-on lives, what could be nicer? Even when we do speak, we might find that we have entirely new topics at our fingertips – our views on a previously unseen work of art or a fascinating historic fact. Conversation becomes a choice.

Found in North Pallant, Chichester, the Pallant House Gallery offers new perspectives on modern British art. Its thoughtfully curated exhibitions and townhouse setting form the ideal space for quiet moments. Or if history is your preference, head to The Novium Museum in Chichester’s city centre. Here, you can immerse yourself in the stories of this area, from Roman baths to vintage cinema.

Stretch out with a yoga class

Starting the day with exercise is a proven formula for feeling good. When you’re taking things slowly, a yoga class is just what you need to feel rested and uplifted in equal measure.

Blessed Yoga was formed as a supportive yoga community, helping everybody (regardless of age or ability) to find balance in their lives. Daily classes are hosted online – meaning you needn’t even leave the comfort of your bolthole – and in the calm oasis of the Cowshed studio in Sidlesham. Best of all, if you’re a Luxury Boltholes guest, you can enjoy a one-week complimentary pass for live Zoom classes, or a ‘buy one, get one free’ session in the Cowshed.

Take a morning walk

When the weather is kind, a scenic walk is the simplest of pleasures. Unhurried, you can wander at will – pausing for a sit-down, taking photographs, or embarking on impromptu detours to investigate something interesting.

If you’re staying with us in the heart of Chichester, there’s a lovely walk to be found around the city’s historic walls. This scenic route takes in parks, gardens, and the largely intact Roman walls, which once sheltered the people within from coastal marauders. If you’re further afield (or you’re fresh from a Blessed Yoga class) you could venture out to Chichester Marina, have a coffee at its Boat House Café, and admire the yachts in their haven.

Enjoy the view from your window

Often, the best moments of all are those still pauses where we do nothing. This is where we find the time to admire a view, watch the wildlife, or listen to the sounds that surround us.

For the easiest of all starts to your day, why not pour yourself a fresh coffee, choose a comfortable seat by the window, and see how the morning looks? Our Chichester city boltholes, Hideaway Terrace and The Old Coach House both peek onto courtyard gardens with attractive views and visiting wildlife. Or, if you’re staying outside the city, you’ll find coastal scenes, farmland, and vast gardens from our other handpicked properties; meaning there’s plenty to contemplate as you sit and sip.

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